How much is the installation service fee?

Installation service fee is $40.00.

What are the requirements for the service installation service?

You will need two valid ID's (passport, driver's license, or insurance card), installation fee.

How long after the payment will you be connected?

Service will be installed within 3-5 business days.

Is there service in my area?

Yes. Since we are using a WiFi/WiMAX technology, you can have the service installed at your place anywhere in Providenciales.

Do I need to have my computer activated?

Yes. You need to register your computer's MAC address that will be connected to our service.

When are bills due?

All service accounts are due for payment on the first day of the month; however, payments may be made without penalties up to the 28th of the month. If the 28th falls on a weekend or holiday, accounts should be brought up to date by the last business day prior to the 28th.

Can I pay my bills online?

Yes. As long as you have your PTV account name/number information.

Can someone else pay for my bills?

Yes. As long as they have your PTV account name/number information.

Where and when can I pay my bills?

You can pay your bills at our offices located at Stubbs Diamond Plaza, The Bight, Providenciales and High Rock House, Bottle Creek, North Caicos. We are open Mondays thru Fridays from 8:30am to 5:00pm and Saturdays/Holidays from 9:00-1:00pm. You can also pay your bills using online banking services at Scotiabank and First Caribbean International Bank.

Do you have penalties / reconnection fee for late payments?

Yes. Reconnection fee is $20.00.

What are the requirements for change of service?

Only the signatory person is allowed to request changes to the account like upgrading, downgrading or cancellation of service. Please note that, in accordance with the terms of our Service Contract, any reduction, cancellation or suspension of services provided shall be accompanied by a written notice to PTV served no less than two business days prior to change of service date.

Are there any other charges besides the monthly service fee?

There are no hidden or other charges besides the monthly service fee except for placing international calls to countries other than United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Turks and Caicos Islands.

Do I receive a record of my long distance calls?

No. Local and long distance calls to United States are free! We do not provide a call detail or billing summary; true paperless billing.

If my friends and family call me, are they charged for a long distance call?

Any charges applied to a person calling you are dependent on their individual calling plan and their current carrier. Typically, people have an unlimited calling plan for both local and long distance calls.

Are there any restrictions on long distance usage?

People's Telecoms WMMÂ provides free local and long distance calls to the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

Are there any restrictions on the time of day for my long distance calls?

No. You may make long distance telephone calls at any time of the day.

Can I have Internet without phone service?

Yes. Please visit our Prices and Packages for more information.

What operating systems does People's Telecoms support?

PTC supports the most popular operating systems in the world: Microsoft Windows, Apple OS, Linux.

Can I use People's Telecoms WMMÂ with a cell phone?

Yes. WiMAX phones and smart phones with Wi-Fi feature can use the People's Telecoms WMMÂ service anywhere in Providenciales and United States.

What area codes are available for my new People's Telecoms WMMÂ number?


Can I request a specific area code for my new People's Telecoms WMMÂ line?


Do I need to change my People's Telecoms WMMÂ area code number if I move or travel?

No. Your People's Telecoms WMM is entirely portable. You will have the same People's Telecoms WMM area code and telephone number to use from anywhere in the world.

If I move or travel do I need to notify People's Telecoms?

No. You can use People's Telecoms WMM from anywhere in the world. As long as you have broadband, high-speed internet, cable internet, DSL, Wi-Fi, wireless, or a WiMax connection, you can continue to use your People's Telecoms WMM.

Does the person I am calling also need to have a People's Telecoms service?

No. People's Telecoms WMM makes and receives telephone calls just like a traditional telephone. The person calling you OR the person you are calling does NOT need a People's Telecoms WMM. The person calling you may use a traditional telephone or cell phone.

How is the call quality on People's Telecoms WMMÂ compared to a cell phone?

Most users find the call quality of People's Telecoms WMMÂ to be superior to that of a cellular telephone and to be comparable to a traditional telephone call.

Can my call ever get disconnected?

People's Telecoms monitors our dedicated network 24 hours a day to ensure our customers superior call quality. It is possible that a nationwide network issue, a telecommunications system error or other issue or condition of use may disconnect your call.

What are the People's Telecoms WMM international rates?


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