People's Telecoms Company

People's Telecoms Company is building the fastest network around and we'll keep expanding from island to island. With average speeds of 3 to 6 Mbps and bursts of over 10 Mbps, PTC's WiFi/WiMAX network gives you the speed you need to stream movies, play online games, video chat on the go and take full advantage of the power of the Internet from wherever you are.

All you have to do is experience the speed of PTC for yourself and you'll know. PTC's WiFi/WiMAX network was built just for the internet, wherever you are. That means you have the bandwidth you need to download movies, upload videos, stream games and more all at ridiculously fast speeds.

What can't you do? PTC gives you the bandwidth to do all those things that the slow drip of common broadband made so painful. Watch live soccer from Europe from the sideline of your son's soccer game in Provo. Email that ginormous presentation from the road in seconds without having to find a coffee shop to make a connection. Download the video from that conference you couldn't attend in the middle of a trainload of commuters. WiMAX speed let's you embrace the power of the internet.

PTC is more than our name; it's our approach to pricing as well. We offer combined voice and home plans, home-only plans, and voice-only plans starting at $19.99 a month. There are no tricks and no surprises. You get a wireless connection with 4x the speed of a common broadband connection for about the same price as a basic, wired, ball-and-chain connection from your phone or cable company.

With PTC, you have the connection you need and the freedom to move. Use it at home. Fire it up on the road. No more battling for bandwidth on insecure Wi-Fi hotspots. No more searching for coffee shops, just to find an Internet connection. No more paying for Web access at hotels. PTC goes wherever you need it in your city. And our WiFi/WiMAX network is arriving in more locations all the time.

People's Telecoms Company Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM)

People's Telecoms WMM is a collection of Internet access points in public locations that allow you to connect to the Internet at super fast speeds just as easily as you can connect with your wireless router at home.

Our WMM community zones are available in shopping centers, on main streets, in parks, marinas, and at sports fields - the places you go everyday. And best of all, its FREE for People's Telecoms Online customers.

Get out and get on the Internet with People's Telecoms WMM

Anything you can do from your home or from your office, you can do with People's Telecoms WMM. It's the same Internet. You can check your e-mail, update your Facebook, download a song or even watch a video. In fact, we'd love to hear how you are using People's Telecoms WMM.

Where can I find People's Telecoms WMM?

You can find People's Telecoms WMM community zones by starting your Wi-Fi or WiMAX device and viewing the available networks in range. The network name will be 'PTC'. If you don't see it, you are not currently in range.

Features and Benefits of People's Telecoms WMM:

  • Blazing fast downloads and uploads.
  • Enhanced wireless network.
  • Extensive security and monitoring tools.

People's Telecoms Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM) offers unlimited calling and calling features all for one low flat monthly price. Simple pricing -- no hidden fees or extra charges.

Why People's Telecoms WMM?

People's Telecoms WMM, available exclusively to People's Telecoms customers, gives you unlimited local and long distance calling anytime, to anywhere in the United States for one low, flat monthly rate with no hidden fees. With the average monthly phone bill in our area over $*****, People's Telecoms WMM can save you hundreds of dollars in your first year alone.

So why wait? Join the thousands hanging up on the phone company every day and switching to People's Telecoms WMM.

What is It?

People's Telecoms WMM, available exclusively to People's Telecoms customers, is a digital home phone service that includes:

  • Unlimited local and long-distance calling within the United States, and Turks and Caicos Islands.
  • As low as $19.99 when combined with digital TV and Internet package.
  • The option to keep your current phone number (subject for approval) or get a new one.
  • No per-call charges, no per-minute fees
  • Popular calling features such as voicemail, caller ID and call waiting
  • Simple setup with no special equipment -- same phones, same phone jacks
  • Add a line: Now you can have up to three additional People's Telecoms WMM phone lines in your home.
  • All for one low, flat monthly rate with no hidden fees.

People's Telecoms WMM works just like traditional phone service, with the addition of more features and better service at a much lower price. With People's Telecoms WMM, your phone calls are sent over the Internet, instead of over phone lines.

How it Works?

People's Telecoms WMM uses state-of-the-art digital technology. The same technology that delivers PTC WiFi/WiMAX high-speed Internet access to your home.

Calls are made with the same phones and jacks you use today, and in some cases you can keep your phone number (or get a new one).

People's Telecoms WMM delivers crystal clear voice services and the advanced network allows us to offer some unique features.

People's Telecoms WMM is available exclusively to People's Telecoms subscribers.

International Calling

Out of town on a business trip? Kids studying abroad? Want to keep in touch with loved ones near or far? Whether you are calling internationally all the time or just once in a while, People's Telecoms WMM has an international calling plan that's right for your budget. Call anywhere in the world, anytime for one low price!

Just like a Regular Phone

You use your phone the same way you always have, the sound quality is superb and your phone rings just like it always has. You can call anyone - not just other People's Telecoms WMM customers - and anyone can call you. MagicJack? Vonage? Net2Phone? What's our advantage? MagicJack, Vonage and Net2Phone only offers Voice over Internet Protocol service, while People's Telecoms WMM offers Internet connectivity plus Digital Voice (VoIP). You don't need to subscribe to a different Internet Service Provider before connecting to the VoIP service because People's Telecoms is offering both services for a very affordable price.