PTV Set Top Box Installation Instructions
(Click Here for Video Tutorial)

  1. Plug the Set Top Box into your power supply.
  2. Connect your cable in plug from antenna.
  3. Plug in your Audio/Video cables, (R) receives the red plug for right audio, (L) receives the left plug for left audio, and the yellow plug for the video. It should be aligned the same way to your television set.
  4. If you whether not use the Audio/Video cables or your television set simply does not support them, you can use a regular cable, plugged into the RF out port on your box connecting to your TV.
  5. Ensure that your television is set to Channel three (3) then turn on your box.
  6. The green light indicates a successful installation.

PTV Set Top Box Auto Scan Instructions
(Click Here for Video Tutorial)

  1. Turn on your Television and Set Top Box.
  2. Press the MENU button on your PTV remote control.
  3. Select DIGITAL TV by pressing OK on the remote.
  4. With your remote, scroll down to INSTALLATION option on the screen and press OK.
  5. You will be prompted to enter a password. The password is "0000" (four zeros).
  6. After entering the password, scroll down to AUTO-SEARCH and press OK on the remote.
  7. Press OK on the Start Frequency Screen.
  8. Once the scan has progressed to 100%, press the EXIT key on the remote three times and change to channel one to continue enjoying the PTV experience.

In the event you should experience problems, please follow these simple box reset instruction.

  1. Press MENU.
  2. Press DIGITAL TV.
  3. Press OK.
  5. Press OK, and then enter "0000" (four zeros).
  6. Answer yes to the question by pressing the left arrow around the OK button.
  7. Press OK.
  8. When it says PTV DATABASE EMPTY, go back up to installation and enter password again "0000" (four zeros).
  9. Go down to AUTO-SEARCH.
  10. Press OK twice.
  11. When it is finished progressing to 100%,
  12. Press EXIT three times then shift through.

Before calling customer support, check all connection from television to box and make sure everything is plugged in correctly. Turn off power to box and television for about 15 to 20 seconds, then try again. If further assistance is needed, please contact:

Providenciales : (649) 941 8006; (649) 232 7831; (649) 347 5621
North Caicos : (649) 244 0963

To add the adult channel, first follow the box installation instructions.

  1. Turn to channel 400.
  2. Enter the default password.
  3. To change password: Go to MENU and press DIGITAL TV.
  4. Go down to CA MANAGER.
  5. Go to SMART CARD SET.
  6. At Modify Pin, enter current password.
  7. Enter your own new password (twice).
  8. Press Exit.

If this doesn't work or needed the default password, please call Adrain at (649) 232 7828. Please be sure to secure the adult channel from young ones with PIN # and when having problems with this channel, identify yourself by phone properly due to children call in.